System Integration

Working Smarter, Not Harder

By connecting various systems and streamlining data collection, businesses are able to fully leverage the technology they have in place to more quickly realize trends and make more informed decisions. Whether you are looking to drive efficiency, increase productivity, or simplify company communication, TSI's Development Practice has unparalleled experience and proven methodologies to facilitate any integration project you may have.

API Services

As integration has become more standard in businesses technology has advanced to make system communication simpler. Most notably, companies are utilizing REST and SOAP-based services to connect disparate systems. These evolutions have allowed businesses to create tunnels to transfer information while being secure enough to handle sensitive data and flexible enough to scale for future needs.

  • REST:  As the predominant API design models, REST provides a simple way to connect distributed systems. The REST language uses the HTTP protocol and uses standard HTTP message headers. By utilizing the REST concept, TSI's Development Practice has helped our clients integrate mission critical data in seamless fashion with long-term scalability and configuration.
  • SOAP:  Another strong API design model, SOAP is a protocol specification for exchanging data and connecting systems. SOAP can form the foundation layer of a web services protocol stack, providing a basic messaging framework upon which web services can be built. Utilizing the SOAP methodology allows for businesses to use any transport protocol necessary, and still have a secure, reliable integration.

Real-World Examples

Learn how TSI's Development Practice helped the US Department of Justice and the State of Iowa share information and expose business applications securely over the public networks.

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